Saturday Stroll in the Snow | Boone, NC


Yesterday, here in Boone NC, we had our first substantial snow of the winter season. When I say substantial, I mean a few inches, but it did snow all day long and throughout the evening. I managed to tear myself away from my movie marathon to take a walk along the Greenway Trail near my house.

The snow was steadily streaming from above as I attempted to capture the winter scenes. It wasn't the light and fluffy kind that gently floats down to the ground either. Instead, I had to endure being pelted by tiny balls of ice that were determined to drench me and my camera.

Since the conditions weren't favorable I had the entire trail to myself. I didn't pass a single soul during my walk through the winter wonderland. I could tell, though, that people had braved the snowy conditions at some point because I saw many sets of footprints during my trek.

Snowy Stroll

It feels like it's been too long since I've set out to take any nature pictures. And it's been even longer since I've had the opportunity to get any pictures of snow. Hopefully, this season I'll have the chance to get out and shoot all sorts of winter photos.

While I am looking forward to copious amounts of snow and the changes that the season brings, I am also thinking about how I'll combat the inevitable blues that will ensue at some point. Taking snowy strolls with my camera in hand to capture winter pictures is definitely something I'll be encouraging myself to do more of, that's for sure.

What is your take on snow? Love it? Hate it? Have you had any snow show up in your neck of the woods yet?


  1. It looks beautiful! We had a day or two just before Thanksgiving but there wasn't much and it didn't last long. Can't say I'm sorry. ;) Though I do enjoy seeing it on-screen through others' photos.

  2. I adore these pics. <3

    Yey snow!

  3. Gorgeous photos as always, darlin and always a treat to visit your blog! Happy hugs to you!:)

  4. We had our first snow in my neck of the woods (eastern NC) for December since 1958. I think they're telling us something.

    Gorgeous photos.

  5. Your first photo was such a surprise to me. I glanced at it and I read your writing and when I looked back up at the photo those lovely deer were there. Very wonderful! (I live in Wisconsin - had a few inches of snow last week. More to come!)