Superb Summer Day

Berry Pickin'

The left side of our driveway is blanketed with a generous amount of blackberry vines,
as well as, fragrant layers of white clematis.
This past weekend, we made a pseudo cobbler with the plump blackberries we picked.
I'm hoping that we can keep up with the rate that these fruits ripen.
I am most definitely going to make another 'cobbler', but what else?!
The receipe we used was from Pioneer Woman's Cook website. LINK
It was extremely easy to make, and didn't take a slew of time or ingredients.
However, I would like to try the more complicated version......maybe?!?
I guess I've been really getting into doing things easy, and cheap.
Not that I'm going to sacrifice quality, but you know, I like to save time AND money!

If you have any ideas on what I can do with all these blackberries I would love to hear them :)

I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments on the previous post...

Silence isn't always found in peace and quiet.
Other influences can grant us a peace just as gentle, and uncommunicative.
I truly appreciate you sharing your 'moments' with us,
may you have many more to fill the days.


  1. Yum yum! How about muffins? That sounds pretty good to me!

  2. Yum Yum, possibilities are endless. I was going to suggest muffins but I have been beaten to it. So how about Jam, Cheesecake, Blackberry and apple pie or even a berry custard slice. I can provide you with any recipes if you desire and are feeling creative.

  3. beautiful shot! I eat blackberries just about every day(not fresh sadly)my mid morning snack is blackberries and vanilla fat free yogurt it is amazing!

  4. Blackberries! For some reason, I thought the pic was a basket with many, many, many grapes in it. :D

    It's early. I'm sleepy.

    I like the cheesecake suggestion. Mmm....

  5. soooo lucky you have such great fruit at your fingertips. there are some great food blog sites out there for inspiration. and are where i go when i need some recipe help.

    good luck!

  6. So lucscious! My suggestion is to load them generously on a bowl of muesli and have them for breakfast.

  7. well if nothing else you just sit around and love the fact that we have summer!!! and thus, blackberries.

  8. Beautiful berries! Makes me want to grab a bucket and get out there.

  9. shock you are picking blackberrys another 5-6 weeks in UK..send over a apple and black pie.been making bread to day and for the last few all kinds of buns. enjoy. have the cream waiting.

  10. my morning walk with the pup is usually full of ripe blackberries this time of year but they seem to be late blooming .. I just eat them off the vine (as does he, heh).

    I've been wanting to try this recipe myself:

    but they usually are gone the next day.

  11. they are absolutely my favorite! ( don't let them go to waste- freeze some for a fall smoothie or a coulis for ice cream- but i must confess i absolutely jealous of your vine and i love them just as they are!!

  12. I would love to eat them just the way they are.

  13. I would do this:
    4 c. white wine vinegar
    4 c. blackberries
    1 c. loosely packed basil (bruised)
    zest of one lemon.

    mix 4 c blackberries with 1 c vinegar, smash gently with a potato masher. Mix in rest of ingredients.
    Cover and put in a dark cool place for 4 weeks stirring every three or four days.
    Strain through cheesecloth and bottle the vinegar Store in fridge or preserve using regular canning methods.
    Cheers! Kath