It all started when I had an idea?!
I'll let you in on a little secret, I really suck at properly utilizing Photoshop.
That is until I get it in my head that I need to learn how to do ______.

Sweet Lullaby
View Large On White
*I thought I had this done so that the white border wouldn't show, I'll fix that as soon as I figure out how!!!

This is a package that is long overdue for some mention.
I received it in April before we left to go on vacation.
Johanna sent some of the most wonderful bits for collage and other 'mixed media fun'.

Last week, I pulled out a piece of paper to make a new Artcard (I'll post it this week).
Although I couldn't bare to cut away at the original piece of paper, so I scanned it in & printed a copy of it. As I made the card, the words on the page cried out to become more.

I Love Gifts in the Mail: Johanna

I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could incorporate these words into a photo?
And I know that layers exist, and I know that there are a lot of talented people who know how to use them. But I simply wasn't one of them.
I guess I just never really had the desire to learn - until now.
It was positively maddening for me to figure out how to do what I envisioned.
I googled, and googled......and after a few hours finally found a tutorial that I could wrap my head around.

I rushed over to photoshop, and proceeded to try out what I learned.
In the end I was satisfied with the finished project. Now, this is not the first picture from that night of discovery. I plan to post that one with the Artcard. However, this is my second experiment with layers, which included another photoshop trick I painstakingly had to figure out. I googled, and googled........but failed to find anything! I was very frustrated.....

Blackberry Blossom
(Original Shot)

I finally figured it out for myself.
But that was only after I had a headache and a huge knot in my right shoulder.
Otherwise, I was still beaming at what I accomplished.
What really surprises me is, that I stuck through long enough to learn what I needed.

It also reminds me: I have a lot to learn!


  1. Great altered photo!!! You are a genius.
    I too have challenges with PhotoShop.
    I also have this Bamboo thingie that scares me to death! I should open it and give it a whirl. Well done for teaching yourself, you inspire me!

  2. I have trouble with Photo shop as well. I know that it will do some things but I can't seem to figure them out.

  3. I have 2 problems with photoshop.

    1. I have no idea how to use it properly.

    2. It is only installed on my lap top as my desktop is a dinosaur and my notebook screen colours are just not right, no matter how much I paly with my colour and gamma I just cant seem to get it right.

    I love what you did to the photo, it is really cool. Is the sheet music also one of your photos? You have done great with the colour processing and blending of the layers. Gosh… I can’t wait to see what you produce after a bit of practise!

  4. That's beautiful! I open photoshop on my husbands computer, and I can't figure out how to do the first thing! I just get him to do it, and stick to Picasa, which works for my non-photographer self. I hope you can figure out the white border, because I love the edge you put on the picture!

  5. Well that is simply brilliant for a first PS attempt! wow!!

    I ditched that program a while ago because it was just too big for me... *bows head in shame*

    PS: is that a cluttered table or a normal table! LOL! :-D

  6. For some reason I couldn't see all your images. Wouldn't load for me. :(

    Photoshop is a beast of a program! I use it everyday and still don't know exactly what it is capable of. I get so frustrated when I want to do something, know photoshop can do it, but can't figure it out. I have taken a ton of classes and still can't figure it all out. So you are not alone.

  7. hi jessica,
    first: the sheet music + blossom pic turned out great!!

    i´m really scared of beginning with photoshop! (so reading all these comments calms me i´m not alone..) it takes way to much time to get into it and in the end (for me) i find out it gives me more satisfaction to mess with paints and glue and have my fingers dirty LOL!

    i had to smile about your *better save the original but make a scan*-issue... i had this for years (and i´m not really fully cured) - but the more i amassed the more i dare to use the original. and it looks better, most of the time. but you have to leap over your shadow sometimes, i admit;) but the world is full of supplies:))

  8. Jessica take a look at my blog it's for all cardmakers you all could do this?????

  9. Very cool experimentation! I would have never done that well on my first shot.

  10. gillian: Bamboo? I've never heard of that program before, it must be really high tech!

    lydia: If only I could fix the white border! argh....

    greg: I will have to put up my help resources when I come across them, maybe they could help.

    liss: Have you looked into buying one of those calibrators? They aren't too pricey, but maybe you could find a deal somewhere? The music was a piece of paper that I scanned in from the package johanna sent me. I've got a lot of practicing to do!!

    carmen: The edging was from an old photo I scanned in from johanna's package. I am working on getting rid of that white border.....

    TD: Paint shop pro is much more manageable innit it? I use that for normal stuff! Photoshop is a monster, I'm thinking that I should take a class! Those were the contents of the package that Johanna sent me........I scattered them everywhere :)

    1218: I'm thinking some online classes may help me?! We'll see...

    Pod: I thought you knew everything, Pod?! haha

    johanna: glad you liked the photo.....thanks to you I was able to do it.......You're goodie package was a real treat! You make such beautiful art without the use of photoshop.....although with that program, you could start making your own papers to use :)

    I have a pretty big collection of scrap and collage items.....but everything you gave me was so much more unique!

    joeprah: I was pretty surprised with what I was able to do too.....I wish I was good at making a website, like you are :)

  11. beautiful, beautiful! you should ask my mum, she is a photoshop/ adobe wiz.

  12. I do but try not to let on .Don't tell sara or sian or my life would be hell.did you see the chap dancing on my blog???????

  13. a little bird: oh yeah....maybe I'll do that, thanks!

    Pod: I did....funny stuff!

    prin: Thank you dear :o)

  14. What a lovely package from your friend Johanna... very inspirational.